Dying Matters Awareness Week blog 2019 – day five

For us at Freeman Brothers, diversity and inclusion are considerations we don’t consciously make.  Whilst this may sound unusual, there’s a very good reason – with the service that we offer, it simply isn’t for us to discriminate or exclude anyone, as what we’re providing isn’t for ourselves, but our customers.

Dying Matters Awareness Week blog 2019 – day four

Coping with bereavement is generally thought to be one of the hardest times in a person’s life. The death of someone close to you can be a complicated time, and the lack of a support system or longstanding difficulties within a family can only exacerbate these complexities.

Dying Matters Awareness Week blog 2019 – day three

Experiencing the loss of a family pet is no joke, you grieve just as you would for the death of a human being.

Dying Matters Awareness Week blog 2019 – day two

Today’s blog topic is memorialisation, a broad topic which could mean a variety of things.  For the purposes of this blog, we’ll be specifically considering ways of remembering Deceased people pertaining to options for what to do with ashes following a cremation, and memorial stones in cemeteries and churchyards.  Community Co-Ordinator Becky takes up the […]

Dying Matters Awareness Week blog 2019 – day one

Today is the first day of Dying Matters Awareness Week 2019. This year, the campaign encourages the public to ask ‘Are We Ready?’ – what must we do to be better prepared for the eventuality of death, dying and bereavement?

Funeral Director Asks: ‘Are We Ready?’

This year, Dying Matters Awareness Week takes place during week commencing 13 May, and this national coalition of groups working to increase public conversation around death, dying and bereavement has chosen to ask, ‘are we ready?’. The idea of the theme this year is to consider whether communities throughout the country are ready to prepare […]

Big Deal, Small Talk 2019

Following the success of our Big Deal, Small Talk events in 2018, we’re bringing them back during Dying Matters Awareness Week in 2019.  This year, we’re running a variety of events in collaboration with each of our branches, to again get the conversation about death, dying and funerals going.

Dying Matters Awareness Week – daily blog

One of the key benefits of increased dialogue about death, dying and bereavement, is finding out how people of varying beliefs deal with these issues, and how their rites and rituals differ- and have commonality- with our own.

Dying Matters Awareness Week – daily blog

Given that death is one of the few genuine common experiences we will all ultimately have, it follows that we will all, at some point, be in the position of being bereaved.  Whether we grieve for a friend, family member, colleague, or someone else we were connected to, bereavement will happen to all of us […]

Dying Matters Awareness Week – daily blog

One of the many ways in which it is possible to support our community is to volunteer at a hospice.  You may be surprised to learn that there are a wide range of ways to achieve this, far beyond actually visiting the hospice itself.  As hospices are privately funded, much of their running costs are […]